Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Little Guessing Game

5098936_3751720_2 Well, a surprise until next Friday. That's about as long as I can handle not knowing whether this little one is a boy or girl.

So tune in here November 3rd to learn the news.

And to make it a little more fun, you can make a guess. The 50/50 question isn't tough enough, so you have to make two guesses to qualify.

Click on the "comments" link below and post a guess of boy or girl, AND your best guess on the date of our scheduled 5098936_3017551c-section.

With Aidan, we didn't find out the gender ahead of time, but I thought it was a boy the whole time. With Sean, I was sure it was a girl (because the pregnancy was so different) and I'm grateful we found out. This time I have no inkling either way. I had finally gotten to the point of accepting that we probably wouldn't have any more children---and then surprise! So we will be thrilled either way. No question, I'd be thrilled to have a daughter. It would be a whole new ballgame. At the same time, I really like this ballgame, and the idea of three little boys just sounds so sweet to me.

Comments on this post will close before our appointment, and whomever guesses the right gender AND the right date (or is closest to it) will win a $25 gift card to Book Sense (good at any independent book store) or to Amazon.com if preferred (for our out-of-country friends).

Happy Guessing!


  1. Here's my guess:
    March 13, 2008

  2. March 21 and it will be a girl. Why not. It would be funny.
    Talk about a whole new ball game!
    I have three boys and Dan always says our girl is like having ten boys.
    But I do not know what our lives would be like without her. She takes over when I am not around and the boys would be lost. Pat would not know as much and she keeps Danny going.
    Either way your family and the world will be blessed!

  3. Girl March 17th

  4. Girl March 28th
    Either way a thrilling event to have another baby in your family! Can't wait to see the reaction of Aidan and Sean.

  5. Here's my guess: March 20th; I wish I knew how fast the heartbeat was in order to guess...I'm going to go with girl since Bates has suddenly started saying, "Wouldn't it be so funny, Mama, if youhad two boys and then one girl? And Papa? That would be SO funny." Not happening in this household, so why not the Keatings?

  6. I have three little guesses with 2 adult guesses to follow a bit later:
    Meagan says GIRL on 3/15, James says BOY on 3/5, Charlie says BOY on 3/25.
    I personally think Kevin's got it in the bag b/c he picked the gender and date I was going to pick.
    Love, Angie

  7. Get the Catwoman costume ready....It will be a girl!

  8. Hi!
    I'm guessing a girl on March 14! But know that happiness will fill you up no matter what and no matter when! Love, Jan

  9. Jeff says GIRL on March 1st
    Angie says GIRL on March 11th
    We already love Baby K., either way and on whatever day!
    Angie and Jeff

  10. How wonderful for a boy or girl to be born
    into a loving family like yours.
    my guess is baby girl on March 27,2008.
    Kisses from grandma

  11. Definitely a girl. Date: March 24th. It's a Monday, and a great way to start the week!

  12. All of the dates I wanted have already been picked, so I'll have to choose March 8th. I think a little baby sister is in the making!

  13. I thinks she will be born
    March 10th.

  14. Girl, March 12, 2008. I just said girl because I really want you to have a girl. I really really think it's a boy.

  15. It's an Irish boy and will arrive on March 17. Kathy and Vic

  16. I FINALLY got online! I guess the newest Keating might be born on my Anniversary so I say March 17, 2008 and it will complete Deirdre's circle of Boy Keatings! I truly hope you have a girl but haven't seen you how you are carrying this baby so I'm playing it safe and saying Boy Keating on or before March 17 otherwise I'd pick your anniversary! Eileen

  17. Okay, I have to guess it'll be a BOY on March 15. I mean, how could a boy of Deirdre's born by CAESARean section in MARCH be born on any other day??? How could nobody have picked this day?)

  18. Okay, I'm committing, a girl on the 28th.
    Checking your blog every time I pass the computer!

  19. Congratulations Dzhon! You guessed Baby Boy and on March 10th, which was the closest boy guess to March 12. Well done! Thanks everyone for playing.


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