Monday, October 22, 2007



Always my favorite time of year. We took this photo at Warner Lake, about 25 miles from here.

I love wearing turtlenecks and sweaters again, making hearty soups, and seeing the pink cheeks on our boys from running outside in the cool weather.

Bulbs_2007_2 I planted over 90 bulbs of the above varieties this weekend. If even half of them show up in the spring, I'll be thrilled. The last three autumns have all passed without one bulb getting planted around here, so it was time. Next year I'll focus on tulips. Unless it doesn't occur to me until February when I see our neighbor's tulips popping up...


We met friends at the park this afternoon. On the way there, I told Aidan that he'd get to see his old friend Ella, who had been in France for the last month. These photos are all from 2005 when Ella's family lived right behind us, and they were best buds. I still miss the convenience of them getting together so easily in one of our yards, as well as having Ella's mom, Annabelle, only a cup of tea away. Then they moved far, far away...okay, probably less than a mile, but suddenly getting together required coordination and phone calls. Around the same time, Ella and Aidan got to the age when girls want to play with girls, and boys want to play with boys. I miss the good ole days when I got to pick all of Aidan's friends based on their moms!

So here's our conversation in the car:

ME: Aidan, you're going to get to see Ella for the first time in a very long time.

AIDAN: That's not true.

ME: Whadda mean?

AIDAN: I just saw her at the next table at lunch today.

ME: Oh. Did you say hi?

AIDAN: No, I just waved. And I kept waving until she waved back. I didn't give up.

At five he has already learned one of the main rules for getting the girl: persistence:-)

Then at the park, Ella and Tava (Sean's favorite older woman) proceeded to chase Aidan the entire time. At least when they weren't begging him to chase them. And so it begins...

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