Friday, October 26, 2007

Fires & Blogs


Dscn6547_2 Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their homes or been displaced from their homes, and with the men and women on the fire lines in California.

Both photos are actually from a fire in Idaho that Brian was on in September. It too broke all previous records for that area. We taped an excellent segment that 60 Minutes did on the connection between global warming and the increased intensity of wildfires. You can check it out here.

Now that our little guessing game (which you can still enter by posting at the bottom of this page) has made the site public, I find myself having to kick a lot of people out of my head while writing. A friend was describing a frustrating phone call that involved too much "minutia of Moab" and I couldn't help thinking that might be an appropriate subtitle for this blog. Because ultimately, that's what I'm interested in, the minutia of our lives.

I have a good friend whose life couldn't be more different than ours---he recently lived in the Republic of Georgia for over a year, and is now teaching in Beijing. While our taste in movies and books overlap, I am sure when I start posting on other passions of mine like scrapbooking, he'll be forced to look away. However different the minutia of our life, I adore Dzhon because he has a way with words that clarifies things I've been unable to articulate for myself. I love what he wrote to me this week about his own enjoyment of blogging: 

I've gradually come to realize that blogging is useful to me as an exercise and an outlet, so the rest is gravy. Writing is a form of reification: of holding our lives at arms length outside of the echo chambers of our heads and gaining some perspective on them. It submits thoughts to the discipline of grammar...which, surprisingly often, forces a reassessment of the thoughts themselves.

The main response to the blog, beside kind compliments, has been: how do you have time? I get that same response over reading books or scrapbooking. Ultimately, we all make time for what we want to. That isn't the same as having time for all that we want to. I wish we did---I wish I was practicing the guitar daily instead of just storing it in a closet; I wish I was learning to use the sewing machine I asked Brian for two years ago; I wish the stack of books on my nightstand got more attention. We all make choices. Writing for me is as relaxing as watching TV is for others, and just as addictive. I wish I was as passionate (or even slightly enthusiastic) about exercise as most--no, ALL of my friends here. My main passions are words and images and this little family of ours.

And in keeping with that, here is a little preview for Halloween. I finally let the boys try on their costumes yesterday. They were bouncing off the walls with joy---literally. Here's hoping the costumes make it till Wednesday!


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