Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Favorites: Simply Apple and iGoogle


My friend Kris, from Michigan City, was the only person I knew in college whose posters were actually framed. Kris was a grad student, and visiting her apartment was like a trip to the "real world" that awaited us. Best of all, she would return from weekends at home with gallons of apple cider, and serve it in thick, frosted glasses she kept in her freezer. I always called it liquid gold.

We've been searching for a place to take the boys apple picking here. Being from the Midwest, I can't imagine autumn without a barrel of apples in the kitchen. So far, it doesn't look like Utah is prime apple-growing country.

But we have discovered Simply Apple. It's in the cold section of your grocery store: "a pure-pressed apple juice with a fresh apple taste in every sip. It contains no artificial flavors or colors, and is never sweetened or concentrated." I think it tastes like apple cider from Michigan city: pure liquid gold (though Brian jokes it better be based on its price!).

Normally I try to stick to just water, but being pregnant, which means dehydration for me, I'm thrilled to discover these. I enjoy grapefruit juice too, and it is hard to find a non-sweetened brand. I prefer my kids get their fruit intake from fruit instead of juice, but recent studies have shown that 100% fruit juice has only positive affects and isn't a factor in childhood obesity. Of course, all things in moderation (especially at $3 a bottle). 

Screenshot1_3 iGoogle has been around, but I never knew the potential it had.

My boys don't afford me much time on the computer, so I love opening one page and seeing most of what I'd want to know. You can personalize it for your needs.

My favorite tools are the stopwatch, Flylady reminders, and Google reader. I can set the stopwatch for 15 minutes, and then make some headway with our papers in the office before I let myself read email. And I can reset it so I stick to my word when I tell the boys I'll only be 10 more minutes. Flylady has great tips for staying decluttered, but her web site is one of the most clutter-filled sites out there. So I love getting one simple reminder I can act on that day. And Google reader allows me to actually read the few sites I visit daily in just 10 minutes.

So a glass of Simply Apple and 10 minutes with iGoogle, and I'm good to go!

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