Friday, November 9, 2007


Brian has been giving me a hard time for posting a childhood photo of him. I can't understand why, because, really, could he have been any cuter? Only if he had been holding a baseball instead of a football.

So he's forcing me to post one of myself as a child. Being what Pioneer Woman would describe as a typical middle child, I didn't need too much of a push.


This is my favorite of the 5 photos that exist of me under the age of ten.

I know, that's such a middle-child-cliche. But now you understand why I take at least that many photos of my boys every month... and why I wear my hair long.

Every year I see more of Brian in Aidan, but from the start he has always reminded me of my dad, and of my three brothers. And now here's more evidence that he's an O'Malley:


Two more things, just for the record. I don't really believe in birth order theories, especially when applied to large families (almost all of my siblings were the oldest, the middle, and the youngest at different times in their lives). And, Maria is only 8 weeks pregnant, not 8 months. That's a doctored photo, people. Most figured it out when they actually read the post. I wish I could take the confusion as a sign of my pro skills at photoshop, but it probably had more to do with Maria being 5'11" and thin.

Enjoy the weekend!

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