Monday, November 19, 2007

Brian, Deirdre, Aidan, Sean and ?


Just to be clear,  we aren't asking anyone else to name the baby;-)

But we are asking for suggestions. We have a list, but at least right now there isn't one we both agree on completely. So please post your top three boy names under the comments anytime between now and March. You can list one at a time or all three at once, but we are limiting you to just three (so you can't just list every name you think of).

It doesn't have to be Irish, but we do tend to prefer those. It does need to go well with the litany of this post's title, as well as Keating.

Aidan's idea for a prize was a "popcorn" we'll go with a gift certificate to the movie theater of your choice, popcorn included, of course:-)


Top Toy #8: Music Makers

Aidan's godparents, Angie and Jeff, gave him a box full of kid-friendly musical toys/instruments a few years ago. He has since added his Kindermusik harmonicas, wooden spoons and some McCann's Irish Oatmeal containers (they make great drums).

These toys don't get pulled out every day (thankfully) but they d1701257_musicaltoyso have staying power. Sean seems  naturally drawn to them, and they are called upon for every parade through the house (which happens more often than you'd imagine). We're big fans of the Melissa & Doug brand, whose set is available at Amazon, and there's another at Land of Nod.

Georgia Update

A big thanks to those who've contacted me about helping with gift bags for children in the Republic of Georgia. You can learn more about the project by clicking here. Kathy's email today cracked me up so I have to share:

"There's a line of laundry products called Barf.  I see big displays of Barf in the bazaar.  I can't bring myself to use barf to do my laundry. The big supermarket is called the Goodwill Hypermarket.  I guess super and hyper mean the same in the dictionary of whomever named the store."

Wishing strength and perseverance to everyone heading to Hypermarkets in preparation for the holiday!


  1. Talon. Or is it Talen. Either way it's Tal-something.
    Or Dixon.

  2. Skimmed a list of Irish names for inspiration and the first three that caught my eye were:
    Phaelen (Phelan, Faolán etc.)
    (A guy I knew in Georgia is named Phaelen...the first I've known. I consider this a virtue in a name.)
    I can't resist adding that "hypermarket" isn't something invented by the Georgians, it's a term widely used throughout Europe and the Far East for what we often call "box stores" in the U.S.--a WalMart or CostCo type enterprise that offers more than the traditional food-oriented supermarket. I have a so-called "hypermarket" a 15 minute walk away. And Kathy is right to avoid Barf ("means snow!" in Farsi, as the box defensively notes these days): it's a down-market brand from Iran used only by those who can't afford the better quality P&G products.

  3. I really like the name "Stefanie", but I don't suppose it is appropriate in this case. No, probably not. ;-)

  4. Evan
    Brian Jr. (B.J.)
    I have to say I like Kevin's idea of Leopold given this baby's mother's love of the character "Leopold" in HISTORY OF LOVE. Plus, "Leo" is just a great name.

  5. Gavin Keating. Perhaps middle name Finn???

  6. Elliott Gavin Keating
    Elliott is a family name (my maiden name)and I really like it. Also like the name Gavin for a middle name.
    Originally picked Cooper with the nick name of "Coop" but Brian told me it didn't make it in the top 10 so I'm not waisting my pick!

  7. Deirdre,
    Love the pictures of your family. Beautiful boys! I have the same tablecloth!
    Love your advent wreath! I have a simple one with holly.
    Names: Clement and Claude. Those were on the list when I named Liam.
    Liam is always a great name!
    See the World is my theme song for this year and is my cell phone ringer.
    Love the reminiscing of the movies we grew up with!
    By the luxury of Netflix I get to show my children the World. (We just watched Bing in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and Rainman). Liam laughs that they will know more about movies than most kids. Dan then took them to hike in Big Bear. Dan shows them the outside world through sports and hiking, and I show them the rest of the world through film.
    Also, love the music list.
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Yay, Erin--just happy to have you visit (virtually at least!). Too funny about the tablecloth;-)
    Did a little bird tell you Liam is my favorite name right now? 18 years seems like a good age difference, but still...seems like there should be only one in the family. Thanks for offering it though!
    Love "See the World" too---though I'm not as crazy about this live version. okay..this should be a phone call but I knew I'd forget these little things by then. Thanks for the puppy photos--and the one of your boys holding it even moreso!

  9. Rory

  10. Elliott
    again family history with Elliott but I also like Brennan.

  11. Aidan's new name of choice is Jonathon.
    Can you imagine? In my family, I have 1 grandfather, 1 father, 1 brother, 1 nephew, and at least 3 cousins (plus one of Brian's) with the name John. # of Jonathon's= 0
    At least he's let go of Talen. I told him I'd add his new vote here (but I think he's at his limit of 3 now!).

  12. My current faves:
    Kelan (or Kellan)
    Cailean (pronounced kaylen)
    ...both because they sound so cute with "Keating."
    Actually, though, I love the name Brodie. Just do.

  13. Patrick Owen Keating
    Gavin Owen Keating
    (B.J.) Brian Jr. Keating
    My favorite cousins name is B.J!
    Although, I think Patrick Owen Keating, Stop that this instant!! has the best ring to it!

  14. Here are 3 names I like that my husband vetoed for our boys:
    Kyle (goes very well with last name IMO)
    I know this post of yours is old but I was looking at the baby#3 category since I'm trying to get pregnant and babies are on my mind! Do you have a name yet? With our second son we took forever to decide!

  15. Welcome to the world Nolan Elliott. Your brothers have so much to share with you. Your new friends are all waiting to greet you. You are so loved already!!
    The Wallings


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