Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Daily Moments & Toy #10

Aidan's grace at dinner tonight:

"Dear Lord, Thank you for our life, and the turkey we are going to have at Thanksgiving, and for our good dinner, and for my dad and mom and Sean...and for my brother Talen who isn't here yet. Amen"

Sean sometimes gets into a monologue when it's his turn, but Aidan normally just says, "Thanks for this food. Amen." So we cracked up at this extemporization, and the sly plug for his latest name choice for Baby #3.  There is a little boy in his class named Talen, who has special needs and a full-time aid, anCutest_superhero_everd who obviously has made quite an impression on Aidan.

Meanwhile, Sean is in full superhero mode lately. Sometimes he's content with just a hat or a mask, but most of the time he requires the full ensemble.

What I enjoy most is how Sean automatically fits the rest of us into his new identity. I remember long debates as a child along the lines of, "Okay, I'll be (blank) and you be (blank)." For Sean, there is no discussion, he just assigns you a role. Aidan was having a fit when Sean refused to call him anything but "Woody" all weekend. And last week, when I nestled a Spiderman-dressed Sean into my lap and said "I love you", without skipping a beat Sean replied, "Me love you too, Mary Jane."

Which brings me to the first of our TOP TEN TOYS list!

#10: Costumes/Dress Up Items

While helping Sean change into a differeCute_clarknt costume for the 344th time today, I realized that when Aidan was his age, we didn't own any superhero costumes yet. If you can avoid doing so until your child is completely able to dress himself, that would be a plus!

Still, Aidan spent much of his time "in character" at that age...mostly as Mowgli from The Jungle Book, which consisted of stripping down to his chonies and wrapping a toy snake around his arm. My favorites are still the costumes he comes up with on his own, either characters from his own imagination or his own take on well-known ones. This photo is his version of Clark Kent after we watched the first Christopher Reeve "Superman" last year.

Now is a good time to fill your own costume box with reduced or resale halloween costumes. Much to Aidan's dismay, I don't even attempt to make their halloween costumes. Most of the boys' costumes have been Ebay finds, and well-worth the money because they are worn almost daily. Superhero PJs work just as well, and are often cheaper. There is something freeing about the costumes, where I see our boys able to express other sides of themselves and try out different postures and attitudes. And they often lead to elaborate rescues that they create.

Somehow I don't think the princess costumes that so many little girls have today work the same way.


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