Monday, November 19, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot


like Thanksgiving time around here.


Sunday afternoon Aidan used my scalloped scissors, Zig Dot markers, glue dots and some paper to make window decorations. I'm glad someone is using my supplies despite the current state of chaos in the office.


Brian's very-talented mom paints ceramics, and even teaches it now. We've received a lot of her creations over the years, and this is easily my favorite. I love teapots in general, and the fairytale nature of this set, and ---given my knickknack phobia---its seasonal appearance.


Photo  of Mill Creek by Kevin Delaney

Saturday we hiked Mill Creek. The boys played in the creek during the summer, so it was a little hard to convince them that going in the water was no longer a good idea. They both did great though. Sean was on Brian's shoulders through a few parts, more for my sanity than for Sean's sake.

I didn't take the camera, but there will be other opportunities to capture that area. What I want to mentally photograph is the image of Sean and Aidan, stretched out on a blanket after eating our picnic lunch of sandwiches and clementines. Aidan describing what the clouds looked like to us, and Sean laughing over the falling leaves. Of course Brian then had to pick Aidan up by the legs and pretend to be throwing him into the creek below. I did my best to control my panic that he could get hurt or that he looked scared---only to have Aidan announce, "Do it again!" when Brian landed him back on the blanket.

Check back tomorrow for the start of the Name Game!

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