Thursday, November 29, 2007

O Tannenbaum & Follow Up

We bought our Christmas tree tonight. Very unplanned, and a little early, but Bri wanted to get it "before the good ones were gone. "

Sean and Aidan were out-of-their-minds excited. Sean has started wearing the Irish cap I got him from Gymboree, and if I may say so myself, looks too cute. Aidan kept scurrying between us, saying, "I'm searching for the perfect tree."

Actually his first reaction to the lot was to announce, "There's a big problem, Dad."

We all turn to look at him.

"None of these trees are big enough."Linus_xmas_tree

Apparently Aidan is under the impression our ceilings are 15' tall.

Following up on some past posts:

If you'd like to suggest some baby names, please click here. I'm rooting for at least 2 out of the 15 listed so far. Oh, and there's a prize involved!

If you'd like to know more about the Backpacks for the Republic of Georgia, please click here. A huge thanks to those who have already given me backpacks filled with goodies, and to those who've let me know they want to help out too. Dec. 14th is the deadline!

On a sad note, some of you may remember the two young women I mentioned in an earlier post, Mara and Julie, who were fighting melanoma. Julie passed away on Thanksgiving day. Please include her family and young children in your prayers. My brain can't quite register that such things are possible. Mara also passed away last month. She was a good friend of our friend Robert, and my heart hurts for him and her family. She accomplished more in her short life than I could imagine.

If nothing else (though I certainly hope that's not the case), death serves to wake us all up a bit more, to look around and see how precious this day is, these people we love, this life. I want to relish this day and season.


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