Monday, November 5, 2007

Random Things Making Me Happy


1. That for a few days at least, I am TWO years younger than Brian. It's a little exciting to be with an older man.

2. Honeycrisp apples are back. I didn't think I'd find them in our tiny town, but the produce man proudly pointed me in the direction of a little batch. You haven't had a crisp apple until you'vAidans_school_photo_07e tried these. Only available for a short while each year.

3. Aidan's class photo came back---and his eyes aren't closed, his hair isn't sticking up in the back, and he's not making a silly face:-) Family, let me know if you'd like a copy and what size.

4. The calls and emails of congrats from friends and family over our 3rd boy. I was a little wary of receiving condolences. Understandably, each subsequent child's arrival receives less hoopla compared to the first. So the sincere joy expressed meant so much. And as Angie pointed out, it is exciting just to know what our family will look like. I've always wondered and now I know---we're a family with three boys. Very cool.

56144mid_35. That I knew all the answers to our friend Dave's Movie Trivia quiz except for this one (ok, I'm not counting the Bond movie questions): What famous director created the propaganda films sponsored by the U.S. government during WWII? Why do I know Leni Riefenstahl, but not ours?

  6. This paper from Basic Grey and the entire Mellow line. Love it. Inspiration for the baby's nursery.

7. Not only did Bri and I get a whole day in Grand Junction on Friday sans kids (Thank You Amy!), but we also got to see a movie on Saturday night. "Michael Clayton" wasn't profound in any way, but totally entertained me. I love Tom Wilkinson. And our babysitter always looks completely surprised when we pay her, and says things like, "Oh, you really don't need to." Totally cracks me up. 

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