Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top Toy #9


A gift from Gramare and Grandpa Keating when Aidan was two years old. Brio's Wooden Blocks have been a big hit in our house.

They are available at Amazon, Target, and Toys R 'Us, but I'm sad to say they have changed the design a bit. As well as a new "girl" set with pink and black blocks (because girls don't like primary colors?!), they also seem to be using more small blocks, especially those triangle roof tops---that aren't conducive to building really.

Maybe with a better Google search you could find an older set, or the one with lots of red columns. The boys always fight over the columns. You need those.

A lot of great information at Barclay Wooden Blocks, an American company that doesn't paint their blocks. More expensive, but, as they point out, this is one toy that children play with for years. Their baby set is priced competitively, and you can add to the set as your child grows.


I like their recommendation of storing them on a bookshelf. We use a large sterilite container. I love how these blocks get used during other imaginative play, to make a bridge for Batman, or a home for an animal. They always get pulled out during a playdate.


Of course, the best part is the big "BOOM" when you knock it all down!

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