Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

After many fun-filled, but overfilled days, I am thrilled to have nowhere we have to go for the next 48 hours. Alleluia!

Yesterday was our little nativity play at St. Francis. Nativity_play

Ben and his sister Sarah played Mary and Joseph, and their real little brother had the star role of Jesus. Aidan was one of the three wise men. Sean decided to opt out at the last minute.   We asked two high school girls to read Luke 2 as the kids took their places, with a little singing of We Three Kings and The Little Drummer Boy. The production had quite a "Charlie Brown" feel to it, as Annabelle put it, which was part of the charm. Definitely a big hit among the grandmothers, who make up 90% of our parish.



Three Kings


Two Sweet


Not to worry, Sean enjoyed plenty of attention. There is a sweet woman named Bobbie, who must be nearly 80, and who always brings something for the boys to every service. Here's Sean enjoying his Bobbie-treat: Sean_and_his_gift_from_miss_bobbie

Happy_sean_2 Finally, before I sign out for the next few days, I wanted to share a few links I meant to post here, based on questions I received or to be a resource for me next winter.

In case you've forgotten how to fold paper for six-sided snowflakes, go here.

Instructions on making very simple salt-dough ornaments are here.

I'm not a big fan of gingerbread houses. Love the look, hate the stale frosting and candy sitting around, tempting little boys daily. Here's a virtual one, and a felt one that I love. Hope we can make our own version of it next year...something I could see the boys adding to each year.

Finally, for the real die-hard Aidan fans out there, here is a little (well, maybe a little long at 2 minutes) video of Aidan singing Frosty the Snowman as only he and Jimmy Durante could.

You'll need to turn off the Coldplay song in the background by clicking on the toolbar under Playlist in the right column, and please ignore the chaotic state of my office. Aidan's missing tooth adds a little lisp;-)

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