Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Times & Blurry Photos


51s6ag1qmnl__ss500_ Our boys' buddies, Alex & Joey, joined us in watching Mary Alice's "The Very First Noel" on Saturday night. Even if MA hadn't been involved in its production, it would be our favorite Christmas DVD. The nativity story, told with gentle humor and sweet animation. Just perfect.

A fun night with friends. Brian made dinner (yay!), using a recipe for Chicken Bruschetta I found on Becky Higgins' web site, where I also got the peppermint fudge recipe we had for dessert.

I teased my good friend Kathy that half my reason for inviting them over was to make myself clean the house. Not my favorite thing. I once asked my sister Erin whether, if given the option, she would choose having someone clean her house or cook for her. She said the cook, no question. I still can't quite comprehend that.

I've been debating between this or this as part of my birthday/Christmas gift from Brian (he's giving me a digital SLR, a dream come true). And looking at my point-n-shoots inability to focus indoors without the flash (see above and below), I can't wait!


(Edited to add: I just noticed Sean's wearing his Buzz costume on the couch, and by the time we took the tree photo that night, he's back into Superman's).

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