Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Thanks to those still checking in here, despite how quiet it's been, and to those who wrote saying, "post already."


We had a lovely Christmas at home. The night before, while Brian and I shared that spousal tradition of wrapping together well into the night, we opened a package that was supposed to be this:


And instead we found this:

045463I freaked out at first. We hadn't purchased very much this year. Remember that Less is More post on toys? (I hope to list the final top toys this week!). But I didn't want Aidan to be disappointed, and wrongly assume Santa hadn't known what a great boy he had been all year.

So I wrapped the unwanted preschool toy anyway, and even if it didn't have the impact the planets would have, both guys loved it. And the store has refunded the now-unavailable planet system and told us to keep the play hospital set. 

Idea for next year: Someone told me they give three gifts, in honor of the wise men's three gifts to the Christ child. I also read about the idea of giving "something you want, something you need, something handmade, and something to read"--- we came pretty close to that without even intending to.

Santa brought both boys their wish of light sabers, as well as enamel mugs for their cocoa/tea (these seriously got the GREATEST reaction from both boys!), and they each received a book to add to our basket of winter/Christmas themed books.

51azfkgjf4l__bo2204203200_pisitbdp5  Aidan's book51z6ekd289l__bo2204203200_pisitbdp5

and Sean's


We received an impromptu visit this weekend from Mary Alice. Both boys were so sad to see her go this morning. Sean is still expecting her back any time now. Her visit led us to set up the bunk beds that were really the boys' big gift this Christmas. Sean did so well transitioning from his crib to the futon, but the move to Aidan's room has proved to be a little too exciting. We shall see. I found a red comforter for Sean during our crazy-full day in GJ on Friday. Still need to redo much of Aidan's room to make it both of theirs now. 

I love lists, and for years MA, Angie and I have exchanged "Best of" lists at the end of the year. My siblings and I started doing this as well. Movies, books, music, as well as best memories of the year, and goals for the new year. I'm going to need some time though to get any kind of perspective on 2007.

Is this how it feels to get older? To constantly want time to slow down? I remember desperately wanting it to speed up when I was 15. Now everything seems to go by so quickly...

Even this pregnancy is going by too quickly. I am not a big fan of pregnancy, in general. Just a big fan of the end result.  Some women revel in being pregnant, feeling their best. I have a couple good months between being sick daily and then getting uncomfortable at the end. Pregnancy at 38 definitely feels different than it did at 32. And still, I want time to slow down a bit, let me get ready, and let me revel, if not in the physical changes of pregnancy, at least in my participation---this last time---in the miracle of creating life.

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