Thursday, December 20, 2007



Ask and you shall receive.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped put together a goodie bag of warm mittens, hats, and gloves for children in the Republic of Georgia. Brian kindly boxed up all the backpacks and ziploc bags for me and they will make their way back to Georgia with Kathy in the new year.

People were so creative in their "extra goodies"---one bag contained superhero underoos.  Man, are those going to be a hit!  If things are at all similar to our adventure in the 90s (and sadly, things don't change much in the villages), even those ziploc bags will be treasured, and rewashed and reused for a long time. Someone sent us a box of them while we were in Russia, and we used those bags for two years. Now I feel guilty every time I throw one away.

Even though they are all in their 20's now (oy!), in my head, these are the kids who are about to receive these goodies. I so wish I had been able to coordinate something like this while I was in Selikhino.


I also wanted to say thanks for all the sweet feedback about my post on Aidan. I considered taking it down the next day, because I struggle with whether I'm violating his privacy in any way by writing publicly here. And then I think, this is my chance...because there's no way he's going to let me get away with it when he's 10. But I so appreciated the kind emails---definitely the most I've received on any one post. Aidan's had a tough week, and I'm especially grateful for friends who remind me that these are the days we'll laugh about in time to come.


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