Friday, December 7, 2007

Procrastination 101

I have two bathrooms to clean, a dining room table filled with boxes of Christmas decorations, and friends coming for dinner tonight.

So it seems like a good time to blog:-)


I'd like to blame all of my lack of productivity on this little santa, but most of you know me too well. He is, however, not making it any easier. He's on his second costume this morning, and, because I'm running around, has taken to grabbing my leg and asking me to hold him.

And who could refuse that?

Aidan had been asking for a Santa costume, and I couldn't resist when I saw a little one at Target after my last OB appointment. Sean had to get in on it too, of course, though he preferred having it on backward.

I'm obsessed with the song "Last Request" to it on the right side bar if the Xmas tunes aren't doing anything for you.

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I love hearing from you!

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