Thursday, December 6, 2007

Top Toys 7 & 6


I don't really know what that monkey is doing, but something suspicious was definitely going on and brought out the conductor and his friends.


Toy #7 doesn't have the same longevity as the previous three, but it is a favorite. I can't imagine the boys will still be playing with trains when they are 8 years old, but for now, it gets daily use. A wooden train set, with lots of tracks, a few tunnels and bridges and magnetic trains. We have a few Thomas trains, but the tracks and tunnels are from Brio. We've heard their accessories last a lot longer.

When Aidan was 2 1/2, Santa brought him the Polar Express train set. It was the first thing he opened and then he seriously would not open one more present the rest of that day. 1323249_img

2004, when our dining room still had no furniture. I couldn't wait to fill it, and now I see this and long for all that open space!

#6:Kidkraft_train_table_2   A train table might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it really is its own toy, full of possibilities. This image is in a file filled with similar ones for ideas back when Brian was planning on building one himself. Eventually we opted for the cheaper and faster route of just buying one. I only wish we had done it sooner. The table allows the kids to set up the tracks without then tripping over them or having to put it away each night.

A table does limit the number of accessories and elaborate set-ups that can fit---but, again, less is more, even when it comes to trains.

It serves as a base for Lego's and Lincoln Logs, and I love the ease it adds to toy clean up. When in doubt, put it on the train table.

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