Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Before he went to bed last night, Aidan said he was praying that when he woke up the world would be "dressed in white."  Is that a line from a Christmas carol or TV special?

Either way, he got his wish.


Brian and I watched "Into the Wild" last night, and snow started falling hard toward the end of it.  When it was over, I stepped into the quiet, dark white scene.


(Again, can't help wondering what that photo would have looked like with a real lens...)

Maybe it was having just seen that film, but it was eerie outside. Brian was bummed about having to leave early the next morning, knowing he'd miss Aidan's reaction.


Both boys were thrilled with the view outside this morning, and could barely eat breakfast before charging out there.

I decided to embrace being late for school, especially since I didn't think the 2 or 3 inches would still be here this afternoon.  Sean refused to wear his mittens at first, and then cried when his hands got cold after throwing many a snowball. Aidan ran to greet Carol, his adopted grandmother next door, who was already out shoveling her sidewalk.


Aidan also asked if he could take a carrot to school, with big plans to build his own Frosty during recess. He came home without his gloves or hat (no surprise there), and eager for a cup of hot tea.

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