Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hello 2008

I have yet to take a photo in the new sad is that? 2008 will find me reading a lot of manuals and websites on how to use my new rebel before you see many photos here.


This is one of the first ones taken, just after opening it on Christmas morning. Brian had it all set to go, and walked me through the initial set up. "Boken" is what I wanted, and even if I don't know what I'm doing yet, looks like it will be easy to get that effect now:-) Yay!

We only have two more days of winter break left. While I know I function best with a schedule, I love these loose days of just enjoying each other and not running around. Plus, it is cold here. Unusually cold, so home is the perfect place to be.

Hoping to find more room for Sean's clothes in Aidan's room (even though Sean is sadly back in the crib tonight). I'm racking my brain to remember what movies and books I saw/read last year. I kept a list for the first three months of the year and then lost interest in recording such things. Urr...

I'm a goal-driven gal, so even if they say resolutions are defeating, I love this time of reflection and thinking about all the areas of my life and what I want to achieve this year. Problem is, I could easily spend a year thinking about it all and not achieving any of it. So I want to narrow my focus a bit and choose selectively. Bringing a new person into the world and learning to take of three boys might just be enough of a  goal for 2008.

Answering a few questions:

-that big present in the last post is Brian's new drill press, which he has proudly put to use already:-)

-we set up the bunk beds as two separate twins, for now...I do love how they look but I'm trying to resist buying this over-priced window seat/bookcase that would *make* the room.

-The digital tag seen here in our Xmas post was created by Heather Ann Melzer. She designs all kinds of goodies for digi scrappers, writes for Better Homes & Gardens Scrapbooks, Etc., and is also a mom to three little ones in the town right next to my parents. Check out her stuff!

Elizabeth pointed out that our family had the Snow book that Sean received this year. I have no memory of it, but it makes sense why I was so attracted to it. Elizabeth even remembered lines from it---the girl who always claims to be the non-reader of our family with no memory. Nice try, Lizzy!

I was also asked what I received for Xmas this year. Ah, hello, haven't you heard me obsess about this baby:51gfpzanznl__aa280_

We were surprised to learn that both of Brian's lens from his film SLR rebel work (we had been told differently). Bonus! So I returned the new lens for a second battery:-)  I'm intimidated by this camera, but I am by all new things. Committed to learning from it, and the instant gratification of seeing your mistakes is the great benefit of digital.

I also received some much needed new slippers from the boys, music, gift cards and too many favorites to mention them all. Brian and I gave each other the same exact calendar, which wouldn't be all that surprising if we had both bought it in our town, which has a very limited selection, but he bought his in Colorado. We've had so many moments like that, as different as we are. I love that.

Brian's family exchanges gifts with his aunt and uncle's family, which 2121149367_848091604finvolves writing a wish list and being assigned a name, and this year, meant mainly exchanging gift cards with each other. Brian's Aunt Betty sent me a money order:-)  Wow, the power to spend $! And she must have known me better than myself because I ended up not buying any of things on the wish list I submitted, but ordering this new diaper bag from Erin at Bluebirdbaby.

2121149023_99c1ffbc09I'm in love with it already, and I haven't even received it yet. I love that among all the hand-me-downs Baby#3 is inheriting, this will be new, and it is custom-made, meaning Erin included a little loop for my key carabiner, and pockets just for a baby bag. This peek inside is from a different version on her site.

Another one of my favorite gifts was for baby #3:  41h150xefdl__ss384_He'll be the first of our newborns to have a bassinet to sleep in. Brian already put it together, happy I imagine that he'll no longer need to take the crib apart every time someone stays with us. The sight of it makes me smile daily:-)

Aidan gave me an album and kit (ala a school fundraiser) for the baby as well.  Brian braved a scrapbook store and surprised me with some goodies. Among other things, my mom gave me a collection of Erma Bombeck essays that I've already devoured, along with her brack bread (though two little boys helped me with that part).

Kathy sent me my very own box of Barf, which is now a proud andFrom_kathy_and_vic permanent fixture in our laundry room. Seriously made me laugh out loud!

My very favorite gift though...besides the backrub I received the day before Christmas, and even more than my beloved camera, was a placemat of American presidents. Brian knows I've been coveting the Rockow kids' one since last February, and have looked for it everywhere with no luck.  He found it. So cool. Such a sweet gift on his part because he had to know I was going to annoy him all year by reciting them until I can do it by heart.

And tomorrow we may be a little closer to learning who will be the next face on the placemat. Only 383 more days till we have a new president in office!

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