Thursday, January 10, 2008

Real Time

We interrupt this series of retrospectives to give a brief update.

I'm in love.


With these two guys, and with this camera.

And, as is the case in any new relationship, the object of my affection is a complete mystery to me. At this stage, that's still enchanting (if that's still the case in six months, it will be annoying).

The guys, on the other hand, are a little more predictable.


Sean wants to be five, and to do anything his big brother does.  He spends much of the day telling me: "Me not boy. Me man." Okay, sometimes he will use the pronoun "I" but inconsistently. And I just don't understand where the need to prove oneself as a man comes from, already obvious at this age. Do little girls really go around wishing they were a woman?

I wish the motivation for manhood had a direct impact on Sean's motivation to give up diapers.

Like his brother at this age, Sean is obsessed with Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow. It's a beautiful book following a tiny family through the seasons in the forest and their adventures with other creatures. I think Sean loves it because it scares him a little---the father battles a snake at one point, the two brothers get stung by ants, and there is even a laughing troll. I can see Sean enjoying figuring out "fear" in this safe setting.

Aidan still asks if he can join us when he sees Sean carrying this book to me. While making Nana's jello with me this evening,  Aidan asked me what stories my mom told me when I was little. I can't help but think that question came from Beskow's scene around a campfire where the father tells his children stories about far away places from his own childhood. Definitely want to look for more of Beskow's classics.


Two other happy reports---Brian finished the bookcase for our upstairs landing. There was quite a bit of wasted space there, and stacks of books overflowing in the office. Solution found. It really is a difficult space, with odd angles and without any straight lines, and no bought bookcase would have worked. He did a beautiful job, and for all my complaining about how long it takes to get anything built (because we usually just talk about it for years), he did it very quickly.

His sons are as impressed as I am, and I keep finding books placed on the (wrong) shelf as they wanted to play a role in filling it up too.

They get that talent from me:-)


The last bit of news is that I finally have a name I love in mind for Little Boy Keating #3.  And Brian didn't immediately veto it as soon as he heard it, so that is a good sign too. Only eight more weeks! Wish me luck finishing half of the unfinished projects around here before then!

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