Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thank God for Girlfriends

5sislateformarket                      Late for Market by Charleen Martin

Lines (possibly) overheard Thursday night:

"I'd be wearing a BIDEN bumper sticker for a bra!"

"Steam some onions and rub that on their chest..."

"Then she fell from the ski lift..."

"Someone please take this chocolate away!"

"Don't they all look the same once they're excited?"

"only it was Daniel Craig washing the dishes..."

We all have different things in common with each other, but in many ways we are a diverse group---different backgrounds, nationalities, religions. The main two things we have in common:

1. We all gave birth for the first time six years ago (give or take a few months).


2.We make each other laugh. A lot.

What more could one want?

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I love hearing from you!

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