Friday, January 18, 2008


Inspired by MA, I got up at 6 am and hit the treadmill. At 31 weeks, more like descended on the treadmill. There was a slight morning stall between the boys' breakfast and actually getting dressed, but then we made Angie's yummy winter salad and took it to Brian's work for a retirement party, visited the library, picked up "Brother Bear" at the video store, and did the week's grocery shopping.

None of which is that impressive, unless you consider how each stop entails a very preggo woman conforming herself to buckle a very-energetic two-year-old into the car seat of a Subaru wagon. Seriously 5x the workout of the treadmill.

Now we are home and they're watching the movie with a big bowl of popcorn between them. I put away all 101 boxes of breakfast cereal I bought, because that is all Baby #3 seems to want, and now get to blog for a moment, even though I obviously have nothing to really say.

But this footnote is for SW:


Dude, you made me question my memory. So I had to go look it up. At that time you thought it way inferior to Owen Meany.

I really like the name Owen, and it was on our potential baby name list, but then I kept imagining everything the child said being in ALL CAPS.

I tried to talk Brian into a spontaneous trip to Denver this weekend. He and Aidan could ski, we could car shop, and I could see my two favorite people in Colorado, Maria and Kris. Bri doesn't like to say no, so he said, "Not this weekend", even though Aidan has a 4 day weekend Kris pointed out to me, my bladder isn't going to like a 5 hr drive as we get closer to Delivery-Day.

So I'm bummed, and considering all kinds of insane ways to get us out of the house this weekend, despite how cold it is here...thankfully Mary Alice made my week with a package of Happy Mail, several DVDs of movies we had no hope of ever seeing on the big screen. We couldn't wait and already watched "Juno" during the week. Oh so good. So rare to see something unpredictable! So if I can't have Mimi, at least we have The Great Debaters tonight.

I'll make the spinach dip and Kevin's punch if you join us, Mimi.

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