Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Simple and sweet weekend here. Lots of little things accomplished. Love that feeling.

Ten little things I'm grateful for:

  1. Freezer space, now that we used the broth and dark meat from our Christmas dinner to make Turkey Gumbo, using a combination of recipes from Emeril and No Food Left Behind. With Angie's yummy sweet potato biscuits.

  2. Having things back in their pre-holiday spots, even though I really enjoyed having some empty space for the past few weeks.

  3. Bumber lanes at the bowling alley. I need them as much as the kids do! Bri got 4 strikes in a row at the end. Is that normal or am I living with an undiscovered bowling talent?

  4. Sean's little victory dance after every turn. Whether he knocked down one or ten pins, he'd flex his muscles and wiggle.

  5. Little boys who like brown rice.

  6. Watching Aidan watch "ET" for the first time Friday night. Magic.

  7. Sean pointing to me and saying "You incredible lady!" all weekend. I know what he really means is that he's Mr. Incredible and I'm supposed to be Elastigirl, but he hasn't seen the movie and I'm not going to correct him:-)

  8. Role-reversal on Sunday morning. Bri was running late for a change---it was good for me to get a taste of how frustrating that can be. Let's just say I wasn't half as patient as he usually is.

  9. Getting take-out for lunch after church, setting the kids up at the table while we watched taped political shows. I love round-table discussions...maybe they remind me of my family growing up.

  10. Brian's willingness to hear me out on our basement plans. He spent much of the weekend framing walls. He's doing all of the work himself, and yet he still is open to collaboration.
But, when does collaboration become compromise, and compromise become surrender? My worst  fear is that the entire space becomes nothing but storage/utility rooms surrounding a huge flat-screen TV. And that just might be Brian's dream!

Meanwhile, Sean's things have finally found a Readers_2home in Aidan's room and his old closet is now empty and ready for Baby #3's things to slowly come out of storage. One of my goals this week is to print out the list of suggested names and our favorites from when we were expecting Aidan and pin Brian down on a name for this babe. So Friday is your last day to enter the baby name game here!

Since a post without photos just isn't the same, and because I still haven't tamed my new camera, here's an oldie but goodie from this summer. They were unusually quiet so I went to check what they were up to, and found this scene. My advice to all parents--have your camera ready and accessible at all times. I'm very thankful for the chance to capture moments!

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