Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the winner is...

08631a47b993febc4dba59f230fa_2 Brian:-) 

With seven out of eight correct (how did Tilda Swinton win??). Closest runner-up was my brother Kevin with six. I have a DVD for you, dude. I think I offended some people, specifically siblings of mine, by naming three of them that I wanted to vote. That was only because they are the 3 I know actually read this thing, that's all! Martin checked in but didn't vote:-(  And Erin, I expected you to be at the red carpet!

Such a good show. Seriously, I love Oscar night. It's crazy, but it makes me so happy. And Jon Stewart is wonderful---best moment of the night was when he brought Marketa Irglova back on stage to finish (start) her acceptance speech. I hate when they cut people off. Loved Marion Cotilard's reaction and her dress. My one complaint was the quick mention of each best picture nominee---I like when they give each its own moment throughout the show. So many black and red gowns. Only one bad dress the whole night. So many beautiful Irish accents---James, Daniel, Glen and more. Seems as though the Cohen Brothers and Diablo Cody may have been the only American winners all night.

No one guessed our new car's color correctly. I wanted a gray or green one, but as Bri pointed out to me, neither of those would be ideal during our hot summers. So light blue it is:


It looks like a bit of a monstrosity, but I like how it drives. And coming from a 1997 Subaru, you gotta love the 47 different cup holders in this thing, as well as the radio controls on the steering wheel. Both boys love the "magic doors" ---and I love being able to send them out to the car without worrying that Sean will get hit in the head by a side door:-)

I can't handle the comments thing. Typepad tells you how many "views" you've had of a post, and Clicky provides a google map of who came by that day:

Visitor_map87 different people visited the site since I put up the Oscar post and only 10 people commented. Which is completely their/your right---I read blogs via Google Reader and rarely comment. But the teacher in me feels like I'm standing in front of the room saying, "Anyone? Anyone?"

And I really wanted to know who some of those people are in states I don't recognize (okay, I recognize the states, just don't who living there might be know what I mean). My curiosity thanks two visitors, Heather and Jessica, for commenting on the car post.

For my sanity, I'll leave the comments off, but please feel free to email a comment. If I wanted to be really healthy, I'd boycott Typepad stats as well. I began this venture saying it was mainly for me, and it is...but it's still nice to know who is out there.

Finally, in honor of our winner, here are some photos of him trying to avoid being seen driving a mini-van:-)Bri_the_minivan_owner

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