Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home Again

Ten Things I'm Grateful for from this Weekend:Just_brian_2

10. That I married a man who enjoys driving. I don't enjoy driving, so despite how circa-1950s it makes me seem, I love that he does all the driving on roadtrips.

9. That while Olive Garden might not be the most exciting place to eat in the big city, its kids menu actually resembles something kids eat at home: pasta, chicken, broccoli. And the breadsticks keep everyone happy till the food arrives.

8. That Brian took both boys swimming in the hotel pool while I got to nap and read by myself.

7. That Sean pretty much slept all the way home. Thank you, Sean.

6. That Aidan might grow up and not remember how impatient his mom, who was trying to imitate Sean on the drive home, was when he'd wake her to point out the moon, or inform her of the superhero powers contained in his pinkie, or to ask what wood is make out of.

5. IKEA. When you only have access to it once a year or so, those cheap containers seem so much more special.

4. Sharing an ice cream sundae with two cute boys.

3. The large cardboard box sent by our friend Kris. She was sending us back our baby swing, but the box was the hit of Saturday. After coloring it and recruiting his dad to cut a door and window, Aidan would fit his entire self inside and say, "Mom, guess where I am?" "Where?" "I'm IN THE BOX!"

2. Not to brag, but my bladder did an amazing job on our road trip. A few weeks from giving birth, that is no small thing.

1. That we didn't come home with our same old Subaru.

Care to make a guess as to what we drove home? You can list make or model below, but the winner is the one who can guess what color the car is (because that's all I usually know about a car). Some happy mail to the winner.

Here's a hint: before we left, I told Bri that while color was not a high priority, there was one color I'd rather not get. And that's what we got...but it's growing on me already.


  1. I didn't guess on the name before but I will guess on the car:
    Honda Odyssey color Maroon
    For names I do love
    Michael Elliot Keating
    Alex Patrick Keating
    I really love these names but I thought you would think I watch too much TV....Michael-Elliot from 30-something or Alex P. from Family Ties

  2. I already know the make...the color....uumm...WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm pretty secure in the thought that it won't be a foreign car given Brian's loyalty (and his dad's)to America.

  4. hot pink? No just kidding! I'm gonna go with Honda Odyssey 2005 and it's RED.

  5. Eliza, I love the name discussion (much more than any car discussion) though I have to admit, I'm glad we're thinking Elliott for the middle name now that you reminded me of that cad who cheated on Nancy!
    I used to want a girl named Mallory (i.e. "Family Ties") so I could call her Malley and yell "Oh-Malley":-)
    Michael is a beautiful name, if you could ensure that no one would call him "Mike". I told Bri last night I think he's waiting for me to be on morphine after delivery to spring a name on me! ;-)

  6. oh reading your last three posts made me cry! I related to so any little bits but most importantly to the anticipation of your 3rd baby! I LOVE having three kids, its an adjustment going from 2 to 3 but it is amazing! I look forward to new baby posts next month and I feel for you with the camera thing (I'm breaking down and taking a course next month because me kids are growing and my camera skills aren't).

  7. I've never commented here before, but I like a good guessing game! i was going to say red, but since someone already did ,I'm going with BLACK and I'm guessing a Chrysler Town and Country mini-van because they are the BEST!

  8. I love the name Michael. Mike is a good name. Maybe I am a little too obsessed with Mike Huckabee - his website has been my addiction lately.
    Elliott reminds me of ET, and I always loved the name Gertie, the sister.
    Also, Gordo, from Stand by Me.


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