Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moment by moment


Trying to turn around my perspective. Trying to not feel overwhelmed by the need to do lots of laundry today, make it to library time, a kids book fair, and the grocery store, make lunch--and then dinner, finish the baby's room (finally!), prep for Aidan's bday bash this weekend, and follow up on commitments like creating a web site for free (what was I thinking??)...Meanwhile my nesting instincts are in full force and I just want to spend the day redoing my closet and the laundry room.

I was going to say, "I can't complain because these are all things I want to do" but obviously that's not true: I'm still capable of complaining:-) 

Anyone else intimidated by the upcoming calendar? We have Aidan's birthday, followed by St. Pat's day, our 14th wedding anniversary, then Easter. That same week is spring break, and my dad's and good friend Angie's birthday. Oh, and somewhere in there, I AM HAVING A BABY!

One thing I know, and yet have to remind myself of often, is that everything in this moment is okay. It is when I leave the moment and try to imagine an entire week at once that it is overwhelming.

I'll admit I dislike the saying "God never gives you more than you can handle"...okay, more like I hate it. As if the young children in the midst of the violence happening in Sudan or Kenya at this very moment are supposed to be able to handle that, and as if everything that happens is willed by God, and imperfect human beings have nothing to do with it. But at the same time I get the intention...only for me, it is the moment that never gives you more than you can handle. Moment by moment is doable. I just need to remind myself to stay there.

Not at all what I intended to write about...but there it is.

Things for which I'm Grateful:

  1. Good friends who treat a very preggo friend tBabyblessing001_copyo a great Thai dinner and overwhelm her with their sweet generosity toward Baby Keating.

  2. Sterilite boxes. Seriously. They're an addiction now.

  3. Bri taking the boys for a drive Sunday so I could go through all the toys.

  4. Warm weather...please don't leave us!

  5. Blowing off my afternoon to-do list yesterday and heading to the park.  Sunshine is good.

  6. Miles and Rayce, Sean's buddies Seanandhiscopatswho are just as sweet as he is. He refused to take off his Robin costume at the park, and both boys played right along, calling him "Robin" the whole time. How sweet is that?

  7. This boy is almost six, and won't wAidanatrotaryear what I want him to any more, doesn't hear anything the first time he's told, and wants to close his door so Sean will leave him alone. He's growing up. But he still loves to snuggle, still runs to wave goodbye to his dad  from the front window every morning, still kisses both his brothers goodnight:-)

  8. A full email box of friends and family's favorite Oscar moments/feedback.

  9. Skipping library time to finish this post.

  10. Sean telling me stories that all begin: "Onceuponatime"--as one word, one breath.


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