Monday, February 4, 2008

Overlooked #2 and a fever

Spinach_dip Anyone want some yummy spinach dip?

I've been craving it ever since Mimi mentioned it weeks ago. But I'm the only one in this house who likes it, so I waited to make it for our friend's Super Bowl party.

And then Aidan woke up with a fever yesterday. He fell asleep on the couch around noon, an unheard of event. No party for us. And there is enough dip for a crowd in the fridge. Someone please help me!

Sean is looking much better today, but poor Aidan looks worse. I'm grateful we were able to get a doctor to look at Sean on Friday---just to rule out ear infections or strep. My heart goes out to parents whose children have real health issues. It breaks your heart to see your kids sick, and I'm grateful we don't have to very often.

The Overlooked Challenge #2 was to photograph a collection. I was stumped Img_0230for a while. I don't like collecting--I mean, I love finding something you treasure and having it in view for inspiration, but when you start adding to it, somehow each item seems to become less. I have several Belleck pieces, but they were all gifts. I remember who gave us each one, and love how they are a tie to our family and culture, but they aren't really my style. Aidan has a random rock collection, and a bit of a Buzz Lightyear collection, but it only looks like this for about 24 hrs...which makes me happy---I want things to be used, enjoyed, not just collected.

Finally I realized something I do love, and wish I had more of, that needn't have a utilitarian purpose, and still would never feel like clutter: old family photographs. I love black and white photographs, and even more when they contain a piece of our family history.


Clockwise from top: Brian's uncle, Fr. Jim, and his grandmother, Lucille; my mom at age 5; my father's family (he's the curly haired boy in his dad's arms); my father all grown up; my older sisters, Karen, Erin, and Eileen; a school photo of my dad; my parents at their engagement party; Brian's mom and maternal grandmother holding him; a cousin of Brian's dad, I never met her, but I love this photo; Brian's dad and two buddies at a wedding; and in the center my paternal grandparents, John and Katie O'Malley.   

These are the photos I was able to find on my computer (with Dad dominating due to the album project last year)...but most of my favorites are framed around our house.

Now back to my sick boys who are surrounding me at the computer and threatening to cough on me.

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