Friday, February 8, 2008

Rule #1: The Mom Is Not Allowed To Get Sick

Even though it takes human offspring a very long time to figure out just how to navigate or eat, they are all born knowing this rule as absolute.Phr_kleenex

Mom is not supposed to get sick.

I've broken the rule. I blame it on Aidan's doctor, and my own ridiculous susceptibility to the power of suggestion. Aidan has had a fever and no appetite or energy since Superbowl Sunday. I knew as soon as I scheduled a doctor appointment, the fever would finally break, which it did but now he has a horrible cough. The innocent doctor asked me how I felt. After two weeks spent wiping noses and holding feverish little ones, I was proud to say, "Fine, just a bit of a cough," and she said, "Wow, that's surprising. Normally when you're pregnant you get everything."

By the time we got home, I was burning up.

And I blame that fever-induced state for my act of slight insanity this morning. I had promised the boys that we would stop by the library to pick out a video for our Friday night movie, not knowing our local library had decided to close till noon today. Such a small town move, reminding me of Selikhino village, where everything would close down unexpectedly and you'd realize, "someone must be selling eggs or something" and go searching for the scene yourself.

It was only 9:30 am, so neither of the video rental stores were open, and two boys who were already not feeling great and set on the idea of a video in their hands NOW were getting restless. So I got us all some not-so-hot cocoa to go and ventured into the local grocery store, and somehow allowed them to convince me to buy a DVD.

We don't buy DVDs.

We own plenty--mostly gifts and an Easter basket tradition, but I can't remember the last DVD we bought.Alvin

Not only did I buy a DVD, but it was an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.   

I know, I must be seriously ill.

In an effort to be more positive, I have to say it helps having seen Aidan already come out of this fog. That way we know it only feels like death, and it too shall pass. And, once again, I have to say thanks to God and the Universe and whoever it is up there that likes me, because my husband is the best. He just got home from a day of driving back from SLC, and is just as sick now too, and still completely took over the reigns when he walked in the door. Alleluia!

I'm going to keep typing because once I stop I'll just go back to noticing how crappy I feel and worrying that my cough is scaring the little one inside me. So, I'm going to talk about favorite web sites.

There are so many websites out there for inspiration on being creative, especially with kids. My favorite so far is Lori's site at Camp Creek Press. That's where I  got the idea to use quart-size paint cans to store much of Aidan's supplies. I also just discovered The Artful Parent, which looks good. Today's post features Amanda Soule, from SouleMama, whose website I first discovered via Ali Edwards and which has led to more than I can possibly read---but it is just nice knowing there are all those mommas out there choosing to slow down, ignore much of what our culture overvalues, and encourage creativity. Ali's site will always be a favorite---probably the first blog I ever read. She's in Oregon with a son the same age as Aidan and always inspires me.

Going to go cozy up to some tea and that man I was thanking the heavens for now...enjoy the weekend!

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