Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday 2008


I've always joked that the adage, "Never discuss religion, sex, or politics" eliminated all my favorite topics. And it's true, among close friends, those are my favorite topics---because my close friends are open-minded and able to agree to disagree. I always learn something from their opinions and even from just having to articulate my own. For a variety of reasons though, I'm avoiding my three favorite topics here on this blog.

However, I have to say I'll be thrilled when today is over if only so that Barack will stop calling my house and my inbox will no longer hold numerous "join the bandwagon movement" emails.

Whatever the outcome of this primary, it will be a historic one.  America, fasten your seat belts, it's going to be quite a ride to November!

**I have to share my latest claim to fame: I'm so cool (and threatening) that China has deemed my blog (okay, all typepad blogs) worthy of blocking (even though I only had 1 reader out of their 1.3 billion people). Thanks for sharing that, Dzhon!

If the fact that I'm thrilled to be blocked in China didn't quite make clear to you just how dorky I am, let me seal it for you. Last week I sent out an email to local friends asking if someone could tape the CNN debate for me.

Afterwards I realized I sent it to friends who don't even own a TV. Far worse were the other reactions:Vcr20tape 


"...as in VCR?"

" How quaint."

"No, but we can TIVO it for you..."

Okay, nobody said quaint, but I felt once again that my mind is forever trapped in 1989 in many ways.

Thanks for reading today---now go vote!

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