Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A wee bit tired


Nolan sums it all up for us.


We are all madly in love with this little guy---who is almost a week-old already!


I've been teased a bit about praising Brian here on the blog. God knows I'm critical enough in person;-) This site isn't intended to be just a projection of how I wish life to be, of just the good stuff. But it is meant to a be a time-capsule of sorts, of what I don't want to forget. And I know these early days will blur, and in a few months time we'll look at photos with disbelief that Nolan was ever that small. And I don't want to ever forget how Brian came through, as always, for me, for all of us.

When my water broke, just as he had fallen asleep...how calmly he packed up our hotel room and got the car---how filled with excitement we both were. How well he delt with my predictable annoyance with medical staff and my fear. How he talked to me through the whole delivery, and brought Nolan over for me to see. The little cocoon we three lived in for the first three days in our little hospital room. And home again---and Brian picking up all my tasks. He made my mom's Irish stew for dinner last night, and when a friend called to see if he could bring by some pizzas or ice cream for dessert, I think Brian enjoyed telling him that he and Aidan had made homemade chocolate ice cream earlier that day.

When Nolan and I got out of bed this morning, Brian was giving Aidan and Sean their bath.

I think every post this month might end with that same line: my cup runneth over.

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