Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Seven Days


Aidan took this photo upstairs, at my request. Blurry but I like it.

We're getting down to just days until the big Delivery-Day, instead of weeks.4swpehyd_item

Received this sweet outfit from Angie today, along with super cute tees for the big brothers. Little things have been gathering in the baby room that are his, that never belonged to his brothers, and they somehow make this new child suddenly seem more real.

You'd think the big kicks in my belly would make him real enough to me, but it always seems an enormous leap from pregnancy to parenting.


Amy gave him these adorable Robeez---seems like yesterday Sean and Rayce were wearing them.  A blue-green hat, knit by Annabelle, sits on his bookcase. Our neighbor Carol brought over a blanket and hat she had crocheted for him (making me think of Nana). The sight of these, his future hat, blanket, and shoes, somehow conjures him; I can picture him here with us.

And soon he will be.

Meanwhile it appears Aidan is the better photographer---my shot of A in the same spot came out even grainer:


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