Saturday, March 8, 2008



Six things about our baby who turns six today...


1. He was the world's easiest baby. Seriously. Never spit up (we couldn't understand why infant outfits often came with bibs...Sean clued us in!), slept through the night most of the time, and was always generous with his smiles.


2. He has always loved being outside. Aidan was a late talker, worrying us a bit at age 2. One of his very first phrases though was, "Outsi pees."


3. Aidan was so excited to become a big brother. Naturally gentle and generous. There are times when he shakes his head, trying to figure out a two-year-old, and needs time alone, but they are best buddies too.


4. Aidan has loved books since he was a baby (only then he mostly chewed on them). At his well-child visit this week, the nurse asked him his favorite TV show. I listened, wondering if he'd say "Makeover Home Edition", his Sunday night ritual with his dad, or "Cyberchase" and "Word Girl", his Friday PBS fix.  Instead he said, "Well, they're not shows but they're my favorites. My book about volcanoes and another one about a MAD SCIENTIST!" He proceeded to tell her all about Franny the mad scientist, with big eyes and lots of hand motions:-)


5. He weighs 48 lbs and is 49" tall. We keep asking him to stay little, but in this area, he refuses to obey us.


6. Aidan wants to be an astronaut, a chef, an artist, a writer, a fireman, and a mad scientist when he grows up.

Happy Birthday, Aidan! We love you!

(I read this to Aidan before I posted it and his one complaint was that I forgot to add SUPERHERO to the future career list.)

We had a battle of the wills today, of all days. After months of fighting over wearing his winter coat, he now LOVES his winter coat and refuses to wear his lighter jacket. Yes, I know what Love & Logic would advise, but never mind. In the moment, I get very frustrated, wondering what I'm doing wrong---I never would have challenged my parents this way. I'm not being sarcastic. I was the most obedient child on the planet, or at least the second most obedient, with my younger sister Elizabeth winning first, but still---seriously compliant. How can my son who is so much like me challenge me so?

Then, when the storm fades and things are calm again, those challenging moments are my greatest pride as a mother. He knows what he prefers. He feels safe enough to voice it. I'm 32 years older than he is, and still trying to master those two things. I need to be wiser in my choice of battles but it is normal for there to be some battle of wills. Healthy even. I realize everyone else on the planet knew this already, but I need the reminder. So here it is, at the tail-end of this birthday post. Lesson #243 that I'm learning from my son.

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