Sunday, April 27, 2008

Catching Up


Been meaning to post this since last week--- Sean had his first "friends" birthday party.

We kept it extremely simple, inviting his two best buddies and their big sisters. I love this age, when I get to pick their friends for them based on my friends:-)  Bri teased me when he saw Brie on the party shopping list (hey, veggie booty was on there too!)---it was definitely a mom-friendly party.

Three year olds are low-maintenance. We recycled Aidan's Star Wars pinata into a Planet Heroes theme, and Aidan lent his solar system model for decoration. Other than the pinata and cupcake feasting, we didn't plan anything, just letting the kids play. And Bri supervised while the moms chatted away!

Since this is where I record everything now ;-), let me just add that Sean was 32 lbs and 39" at his annual doctor appointment.

The doctor asked him if he knew his last name, and Sean promptly replied, "Sweet pie."

Oh so true.

Our parish has exactly four  five (I almost forgot Nolan) children who attend mass, so Aidan and Sean are big stars with all the grandmas there. Today Sean received a birthday blessing in front of the congregation, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him as well.

The blessing asked that he receive the "peace that passeth understanding" in his heart. I can think of no greater birthday wish.

Vpy3d0ca4m3oeo I haven't been blogging or replying to emails this week, because whatever time I could find online has been spent putting together an ABC book for Sean on Shutterfly. It was extremely easy using the templates by Jessica Sprague (though typing with one hand while holding Nolan was a challenge---as was having the website freak out every now and then). You can check it out at the Shutterfly Gallery. I highly recommend it to moms like me who have lots of photos that have never been developed. Can't wait for this to arrive this week!

Now back to our regular program of talking mostly about Nolan;-)

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