Wednesday, April 2, 2008


An abundance of good things to report:


1. Easter goodness is all put away. Monday both boys asked 192,394,375 times if they could have more jelly beans. Monday night Brian took both their baskets off the dining room table and put them in our closet. NO ONE HAS MENTIONED THEM SINCE! I don't know at what age "out of sight, out of mind" will no longer apply to candy, but for now, Brian and I are enjoying it, as well as their jelly beans;-)

Gramare_is_here_32. Brian's mom arrived Saturday evening. You can see their excitement welcoming her. Introducing_nolan_to_gramare

First thing on their agenda: introducing Gramare to their new baby brother.

3. Aidan planned several tricks for April Fools. I thought he'd enjoy being tricked as well so we packed him a lunch of wooden food yesterday. I peeked in the lunch room to watch him open it, only to see him go from an initial reaction of delight and laughter to a little despair and tears (at the thought of no lunch). All was well though when he learned we were all taking him to the diner for lunch:-)

Lesson learned: let them in on the joke at this age.

4. Gramare brought all sorts of crafts for the boys.


And she's been great about letting Aidan's imagination lead the way, even when all he wants is a centipede, ala Franny-K-Stein, with shoes and all.


5. Sean went poop on the potty!!!! Yes, this is why I have a blog---so I can share such monumental moments with y'all:-)  Thing is, he was outside playing and completely on his own announced he needed to use the bathroom. Then he repeated this feat later the same day. I was expecting him to revert a bit when Nolan arrived so we were all ecstatic:-)

6. I also have to mention, Nolan finally lost his umbilical cord yesterday. If this were Aidan's blog, you'd have been treated to daily photos of its progress. Both boys found Nolan's cord to be the most fascinating aspect about him (given he's not much of a conversationalist yet). Huge excitement when they heard the news this morning, and an immediate showing of Nolan's new and improved belly button.

Nolan was a bit less impressed.


7. CUBS had their opening game on Monday. Wrigwrigleyfieldchicagoillinoispo_2  More importantly, their first win will be today (right, boys?!)

This IS the year!

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