Monday, April 14, 2008

One Month Old

On Saturday, Nolan reached the one month mark.


Some notes for my ever-vanishing memory: at this point, he...

*weighs 10 lbs and 12 oz

*measures 21 inches

*delights us with smiles

*cracks up his brothers by sticking his tongue out, "tooting," and looking anywhere close to their direction:-)

*loves staring at our bookcase (is he an O'Malley or what?)

*does not enjoy diaper changes or his bath (yet...trying the latter again tomorrow)

*sleep preferences in order are:

  1. Mom or Dad's arms

  2. Mom & Dad's bed, lying between them

  3. car seat

  4. swing

  5. anywhere but his crib or bassinet

That's not completely fair, because he has been doing better each day. I imagine some moms, who enjoy the shared bed, giving me that wide-eye look that says, "How can you expect him to sleep all alone at this age?"

And I imagine other moms, the ones who have their babies sleeping through the night by this age, giving the same wide-eye look, only theirs says, "It's your own fault for creating bad sleep habits."

I also think that is how the majority of the "mommy wars" happen---in our own imaginations, based on our ambivalence and guilt, which, regardless of one's choices, are always plentiful in motherhood.  We've chosen this middle road; so though I might complain about being tired, I'm relishing it too.    


oh, and one more...

* gets even cuter with each day

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