Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sean at Three


When people tell him that he is oh so cute (and people do, constantly), he always answers, "Yeah."

Like he already knows it. I think he's known since he was an infant.


He gets excited about everything. Watering plants, taking a walk, bringing in the mail. The most mundane of tasks can cause him to break into a little jig of excitement. I love that.


I see much of my dad in him---the way he loves to tell stories, and has the most incredible memory, and enjoys life so much.


Most of the time though, I see his dad in him. Same facial expressions. Same confidence. Same stubbornness. Same physicality and love of action.


Last summer we spent a lot of time at the nearby waterpark. Sean would walk up to the teens in bikinis and say, "Hi girls."  He's in love with his pal Tava, and at least three other girls. He is very generous with his affection, and can't go to bed without a hug from every family member, and giving us a kiss on each cheek.


Most of his sentences these days begin with, "Actually..." He loves to correct others (don't know where he gets that trait...), and no matter who says grace at dinner, he always has to add his own as well. Lately they go something like this: "Grace. Thank  You Lord for this yummy dinner, and for Aidan, and Spiderman. God is good. Amen."


Because he is so enthusiastic and joyful, it's easy to overlook his serious side. His feelings are easily hurt, but he's also quick to forgive and move on. He's sensitive to tone of voice and others' moods. While he doesn't like anyone else to raise their voice, he's prone to yelling himself and he's very lucky to have a pacifist for an older brother.


  He adores both his brothers, and imitates everything his big brother does.


Yesterday he turned three. I'm trying not to hold it against him that he's growing up. He challenges me, delights me, amazes me. Happy Birthday, my little man. I'll forever miss you as a baby and at 1 and at 2, but I can't wait to see who you become.

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