Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleep & Scientists


Overall Nolan is an incredibly easy-going baby.

He likes to nurse (a lot---he gained 2 lbs between his 2 wk appointment and his 4 wk), burp, sleep, gurgle, and slyly smile. He rarely cries, only if his diaper is being changed and oh--if he's not being held. Seriously. Super content guy, but he wants to be held 24/7.  He has been content in his swing or car seat at times, but he has wanted nothing to do with his crib.

And who could refuse him? I love snuggling with him, love the sound of his breathing while he sleeps on my chest, love that baby smell on the top of his head.

But, as you can tell from my last post, the lack of sleep was beginning to get to me.

Then, last night, Nolan slept four hours in his crib.

Of course, being the brilliant parents we are, we finally decided to go to bed ourselves about 3 1/2 hours into those 4 hours. But still, a huge improvement:-)

Meanwhile...I haven't forgotten about our other two guys. Here's my latest favorite photo of Aidan:


How did I manage to get a six year old to stay still long enough for a non-flash photo with an authentic smile (instead of a "cheese" smile)? By first taking a dozen of photos of him as a mad scientist:

A1_2 A2madscientist 

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