Monday, May 19, 2008

2 months old


Last Monday Nolan reached the 2-month mark, and we missed his dr. appointment that afternoon. It's just been that kind of week/month/year.  I'll add info this afternoon after his makeup appointment.

We have bets on, thinking Nolan is the biggest of our 3 boys at this age. He's got beautiful rolls on his thighs and a sizable second chin:-) He's already outgrown most of his 0-3 Months clothes, and is wearing size 2 diapers.

He's also gaining more neck strength and arm control. He loves being in his swing, for short spurts, and gazing at the toys hanging from his car seat during our meals. He slept from 9 pm until 4 am one night, seven hours straight! Of course he hasn't had a good night's sleep since then; he's been waking up uncomfortable with a stuffy nose every couple hours.


He's smiling like crazy now, though I can only capture the shadow of it once I put a camera in front of my face. He's on the verge of laughing, big wide open smiles and shooting his chin in the air, so ready to laugh. And cooing while looking us in the eye, trying to communicate. He was doing this last week while Aidan teased him with a rattle toy and I started talking in a funny voice, translating what I thought he was trying to say. Both boys thought it was hilarious, and Sean keeps trying to recreate that moment, holding a toy in front of Nolan's face and then saying, "Talk like Nolan, Mommy."

I've had several posts rattling around in my brain, with recipes I'd like to share and recaps with great visits we've had this week...but they'll all have to wait. So grateful just to have captured this moment a bit.

ETA: 14 lbs, 2 oz 13 oz., and 24", which is roughly 95% in weight and 90% in length...and the boy's head is huge: 16 1/2". But the doctor mostly commented on how strong he is (already lifting his head, etc), especially for his size (I guess big babies are often behind on motor skill strength precisely because the head is so big).  

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