Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A good weekend


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day. When one's children are young, Mother's Day falls on the dad's shoulders. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I didn't have to make one meal, and even more exciting, I didn't have to make any decisions :-)  I woke to a yummy breakfast of homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and cream. And some orange juice in my favorite little glass; little things like that make me so happy.

Aidan proudly presented me with the sunflower he made with his grandmother during her last visit. (Thanks, Marilyn!). Bri surprised me with some real sunflowers in a pretty bouquet. Aidan decorated the marigolds' pot (with Franny K Stein of course) at school and gave me my favorite gift yet, a book about why he loves me. Following pages detailing how I help him in his "lab", there came this conclusion:


Aidan pointed out that I am saying "Aidan" and he is saying "Mom."

I used to be Momma to him, but I'll take Mom so long as it still comes with hugs.

Sean gave me his Planet Heroes Turbo Shuttle. And Aidan also built me a robot out of a cardboard box and a balloon, and told me it was a Cleaning-bot that would wash all the floors for me. Man, this kid knows the way to a mom's heart:-)

As requested, Brian picked up the camera that day, and he did get a good shot on our picnic at the Teacup.  Nolan had a good nap in the Bjorn while his brothers had fun getting wet and muddy with their dad in the creek.


There are 101 things I want to record here before they slip away, but Nolan is sleeping and if I don't soon, I won't get to. As of yesterday he's two-months. Insert here every cliche about it all going too fast. It's painful really, except that as they grow they become more and more engaging. A full update to come soon!

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