Friday, June 13, 2008

3 Months

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At three months, Nolan...

* is 16.5 lbs & 25", with beautiful rolly-polly thighs. I laugh when I hear people say, "He's so healthy-looking." Yes, he's chubby and I hope he enjoys the 24 months of life you are allowed to be as chubby as you want with impunity.

* can almost fit his entire hand into his mouth. He's too young to be teething already, right?

* likes to make Daddy waltz him around the room when he's cranky

* loves pulling my hair. When nursing or falling asleep, he'll grip it like a security blanket and wrap it around his wrist.

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* is delighting his brothers by delighting in them. He seems especially fond of Aidan's rendition of "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting." When Sean gets a big smile, he sounds like he's imitating Sally Field: "Nolan likes me! He really likes me!"

Nolan Sean web

(Please overlook the wonky coloring...I am PSE-impaired at this time)

* does not, repeat, not like Jamie Oliver's Asian Noodle Salad

(Sidenote: My little sis is about to have her 1st baby any day, and I was giving her Too Much Information about said salad's affect on lil Nolan when she said, "What have I gotten myself into?"  We couldn't stop laughing, me especially, because I realized she wasn't as worried about how to care for a constipated baby as she was worried about becoming someone who talked about her baby's constipation. Now I've blogged about it as well, which will horrify her further and hopefully make her laugh even harder---and induce labor. Since I've already shared so much (how many mistakes in judgment begin with that phrase), you might as well know that today I left Brian a voice-message at work---because I hate for him to miss out on the exciting moments of my day--that announced "We Have Poop!"  I thought phrasing it like that would make it sound less SAHM-ish and more NASA-like; what I couldn't have predicted was that he'd listen to his messages via speaker phone. Another proud moment.)

* is sleeping 8 consecutive hours at night :-)  Stays awake about 2 hrs between naps during the day. He slept 10 hours one night.

* may have laughed out loud. I haven't seen verifiable proof but Uncle Kevin definitely got a reaction when tickling Nolan's feet and Brian gets a laugh when clapping Nolan's hands together. I think he's still slightly on the cusp of true laughter.


* enjoys walks in a stroller, swinging, and gazing at ceiling fans (That sounds like a really bad personal ad)

* coos and talks with animated expressions. Made a clear "Da" sound tonight.

* went to Flagstaff, Aidan's graduation, a few T-ball games, Zac's pizza, Arches National Park, the microbrewery, Sean's music class, the art fair, and more.

* met his Aunt Mimi and Uncle Denys, Uncle Kevin, and the whole Rockow family this month

*is so lovable, kissable, and cute right now, I wish I could freeze time. I wouldn't want him to stay this age forever, but I do wish I could revisit it whenever I wanted.

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