Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baptism Day


I love this image (from a card Angie originally sent Sean for his baptism), and how it captures the sense of a community lifting a child up together. The idea of baptism washing away "Original Sin" from an infant has always seemed ridiculous to me, but I embrace it as a ritual. A welcoming into a community that will support this newest one on his personal journey of faith.

Today was Nolan's Christening, and I'll add photos later this week, but I just want to remember a few details. How Brian managed to fit him into Aidan's baptismal outfit, despite my being convinced it was too small (taking it off was definitely more challenging). Seeing the three older guys in our family all dressed in white shirts (freshly ironed by Gramare) and ties. Sweet phone calls this morning from friends who couldn't make it and from Nolan's godparents in Illinois. Our beautiful church---this was the first service in it since the remodeling finished, and the fresh newness of it, with lots of natural light pouring in, seemed specifically made for a baptism.

Yellow roses and irises on the altar. Sean thrilled to see his buddies and favorite girls.  Tearing up during "On Eagle's Wings" (which was worth all the drama last week with the organist who doesn't know it). Our friends of different faiths and practices taking the time to join in our celebration (that meant SO much to me). Nolan sleeping through most of the service, and then wide-eyed with curiosity while water was poured on his head.

All the children holding sunflowers while we sang, "Like a Sunflower". The cake from the women of St. Claire's Guild. A friend taking my camera when I realized at the very last second that I couldn't both participate and take photos of the baptism.

Kids in swimsuits in the backyard, yelling and running and splashing (all will sleep well tonight). Brian standing over the grill. Amy rescuing us from a ketchup-shortage:-). Good tunes on the deck with the new mist-er cooling us down. Kathy's yummy dessert bars.  The way everyone pitches in so it is never over-whelming. Nolan kindly sleeping while we ate. Sweet gifts and cards. A phone call from my dad and my mom.

And then Dylan, a neighborhood friend of Aidan's, showing up hours later, while we were enjoying taped Sunday political round-tables and leftovers for dinner, sad to learn the party was over.

A good day. I am so grateful.

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