Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Things

Ten Things Making Me Happy...

Play station 1. Aidan's play station shirt. So soft, and the sentiment makes me smile every time I see it. Thanks, Lori, for the link.

2. Red pepper hummus. Who knew? Thanks to Amy for the introduction:-)

3. Wee Gardens, as found via Anne's web site. Love the idea of creating our own in a large pot this summer and seeing the boys run with it.

4. Perennials. I had completely forgotten that I planted these 'red hot pokers' last year (after I accidentally "weeded" my blanket flowers). I'm always amazed that you can dig a hole one year and plant something that will give back to you for years.

Firecrackers_edited-4 web

Nolan web 5. This hat (thanks, Peggy!). I love baby hats. And I've always been lucky that my babies wore them happily. But Nolan's head is so big, almost all the sun hats and caps passed down to him from Aidan and Sean are too small. So this one will be getting some good use.

6. "My Boys" returning to TBS on Thursdays. Myboyscrop Normally, having me as a fan is the kiss of death for a TV show (eg: Homefront, Once and Again, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). So I assumed this show had been cancelled.  It's a silly 30-minute comedy, but it's set in Chicago---and unlike "Sex and the City," where I could never relate to the Manolos or the falling for guys who treat you poorly, I get PJ's world.

8. Nolan sleeping from 8 pm to 4 am regularly ---(now I just need to get to bed before midnight).

9. I probably say too often that Aidan doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. Sometimes I worry that he won't be assertive enough. Last week, Brian and I overheard a little girl mocking Sean. She just wanted attention but still, it was mean. And it ended immediately when we both heard Aidan say, with great authority, "Don't make fun of MY brother!"  Way to make us proud, kid.

10. This chocolate chip cookie recipe from Alton Brown. It isn't necessarily the "best" (still searching for the definitive one) but it is very tasty and a little salty (which I like) and the butter is melted which works for me because I always forget to leave it out in time to soften. We baked a batch last Monday to thank Brian on Aidan's last day of school. 

When Nolan was born, Brian took over the morning routine of getting Aidan fed, dressed, and out the door. Even packing his lunch. We'll pretend not to notice that Aidan was remarkably less tardy once Brian was driving him to school. Doing all this meant that Bri started work 30 to 60 minutes later than normal. He gave up that quiet time when you can get work done before people and interruptions arrive. He also gave up getting a good parking spot:-) But he gave me a spring full of peaceful mornings not spent trying to get three boys all in a car before 8 am. Priceless.

Of course I'm incapable of stopping at ten, but it is almost midnight now so here are just 3 more things.

11. This Jamie Oliver recipe, ala Pioneer Woman, for Asian Noodle Salad. Definitely going to be a summer regular around here now (though Bri, not surprisingly, wants to add chicken next time).

12. Hawaiian Ice or Shave Ice. Oh. My. Goodness. I don't like to chew ice, so I've never liked snow cones. These, however, are like eating snow. Yummy snow that tastes like green apples or a pina colada.

13.Cover The Week, thanks to Erin. Maybe this should go on my previous post as a great baby shower gift. Love finally being able to finish an article for a change, thanks to their brevity.

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