Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Summertime copy Summer officially starts when the first strawberries are picked and the last school bell rings.

We had a great weekend in Flagstaff, though I don't think I'll ever ask my kids to spend 12 out of 48 hrs in a car again. They did great, and we don't even have a DVD player in the car, but we were all just sick of driving by that last long hour before home.

Still, it was well worth it for them to see their buddies, the Rockows, again. And for us to witness Meagan's big day.

Meagan with her godparents I can remember so clearly the entire year of preparation that went into my own first communion. It is a rite of passage for Catholics, and I found myself misty-eyed just seeing Meagan in her great-grandmother's veil.

It was a beautiful thing, to see this tradition carried on and to see Meagan take yet another step in her personal journey of faith.  I can't wait to know the woman she becomes.

There is never enough time when we visit, but I am grateful that Aidan got some time with his godparents as well.

Aidan with his godparents 2008

And that Angie got to know our little butterball, Nolan, a bit more.

Angie and Nolan  

And in the never-slowing-down fashion of life, today was Aidan's "graduation" from kindergarten.


Most of our indoor shots turn into a blur like this, but I love this one. Aidan is turning toward the camera in the far bottom corner, and you can feel the buzz of activity that was going on.

His teacher announced last week that she was moving away. Last week Kevin teased me a bit about the shutterfly book I was making for her, and obsessing a bit too much about, as is my way. In light of her news though, I was even more grateful we had put it together, with photos from the school year and illustrations by each student of what they loved most about kindergarten. It made her cry when she read it, and I explained to Aidan that is actually a good sign.

Aidan and Mrs. Sturman

I had so much trepidation about Aidan entering the world of public school, worried that school would actually turn off his natural curiosity and his excitement about learning. I saw so many smart boys when I was teaching who had shut down and lost any enthusiasm about anything. I loved school as a kid, but I also see how much of it is really training for a passive public, wanting you to sit down and shut up for the most part, or at least until a bell rings.

Enter Mrs. Sturman. She set me at ease in the first week, because she seemed to immediately "get" Aidan, and appreciate all his gifts. She offered the best combination of great patience and high expectations. Aidan loves school, and so much of that is thanks to the wonderful teacher he had this year. I'll always be grateful he began his life in school in such a positive way.

Now, summer, here we come!

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