Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 Months

4 months Nolan web

At four months, Nolan...

* is 17 lbs. 14 oz and 26 inches. He's in the 95% for length, weight and head circumference now. At least he's consistent:-)

* is just a lovable, happy guy. I'll be coming back to this post to add a little indulgent video of him laughing. Because I love it.

*Lights up when his dad comes in the room.

*Wiggles with glee when Aidan tries to practice saying "A-i-d-a-n" with him.

*Smiles at Sean but also nervously looks around to make sure other people are in the room (okay, maybe I'm just projecting that last bit...especially after finding Sean trying to feed Nolan a peanut the other day).

*has celebrated his baptismSleepy grandson Nolan web

*met and loved his Grandma O'Malley 

*slept through the 4th of July firework display

*has been to Arches (again), hiking a bit of Bill's Canyon, Mill Creek (again), the diner, 2 parks, and on a crazy walk that turned into a run so as to escape the mosquito onslaught.

*has tolerated the total disruption of whatever nap schedule he once had so that his big brothers can go to swim lessons every day.

*Rolled over for the first time on July 7th. Tummy to back.

*loves to taste his toys and give them a good chew.

* went from sleeping 10 hrs straight for weeks (8pm-5am), to now waking up around 2am for a late-night snack. What is up with that??

4 months Don't mess w me web

*Can pull himself up with his front arms to look around (he's been greeting us this way from the crib for a while, but Aidan had never seen him do it until this photo shoot. He was so excited and said, "Mom, he's learning to crawl! Wait, I've gotta get Sean to see this!" Love the brotherly enthusiasm.)

Bittersweet month. Really the end of infanthood. The first three months are in many ways an extension of pregnancy---you are so physically attached to each other still. It's good to break out of that cocoon, but I miss it a little too. The way you could fall asleep anywhere (you're much more choosy now). But if I don't focus on looking backwards, this is really the best age. 

You're still immobile and unable to cause any trouble, but your personality is at full volume. You delight in us the way we delight in you, what could be more wonderful. Smiles, laughter, actual hugs. You love when we bury our heads into your neck for a good kiss. When I open your palm, there is always a piece of my hair there. Love the way you tuck your head into me when you're tired. The way you splash in the tub.

Nolan smiling web Loving every minute of this miracle third trip through babyville.

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