Sunday, July 6, 2008

On the bright side

Whose been sleepin in my bed ...our boys are all at the magical age where the most comfortable spot on the planet is their mom and dad's bed. I love this photo so much, I hope you can overlook the fact that it's out of focus.

GrandmaO3grandsons mom came to visit for the 1st time since we moved here. Such a blessing to have her healthy and for my kids to get a good dose of Grandma.

Lots of good memories from her short visit, but my favorite was when she pulled a lawn chair up next to the kid pool while Aidan showed off his diving moves to her. He relished having her give him a score on each dive. It started out on a scale from 1 to 10, but when I came back out again, she was telling him, "200!"

Nolan in grandma's hands ...Grandma's hands. I love this photo, possibly because I miss my own Nana's hands so much and would love to have had a photo like this of her with me.

Family at Arches 2008

...the kindness of strangers who ask if we'd like a photo of all of us together.

Laughing for daddy

...hearing a real laugh when his dad tries to eat his toes. Love that game;-)

Crack up

...the way these two crack each other up ALL day long.

Jam session

...impromptu jam sessions in the backyard.

Looking at daddy

...the woman who came up to me after mass today to comment on how Nolan looks at Brian. So true. He can't get enough of his dad.

The same woman proceeded to share with me the story of one of her friends, who married into a family that hasn't "sired a female in over 100 years." She's told me this story, with much greater detail, at least four times before, but it was only today that I realized she's much older than I thought, and has no memory of previously telling me. Obviously the sight of me with my three boys compels her to share it with me. Did I cut her off last time? Will I be able to give her the little delight she obviously takes from telling it next time?


...the progress this little guy is making in using the bathroom (because I know you're dying to hear all about that!)

Vacation07 149

...Brian being home for the 4th of July (photo above is from last year's 4th).

With the fires waging in CA, we've been preparing for his exit any moment. Truth told: I hate it. I don't have the personality or disposition to be a "fire wife". I find the anticipation of him leaving almost as exhausting as the single parenting after he's left (almost). Hate worrying about him, hate not knowing when he'll be returning, hate knowing that when he does get home, he still might have to leave any minute. Despite all that, I still like him a lot, and he still likes fighting fire (even though he promised me he'd grow out of it years ago), so here we are.

Had he been gone, we would have gone to the parade anyway, but given that the parade is less than 5 minutes long, and I'm usually at least that late, I doubt we'd have seen it. And then he wouldn't have been there to catch the collapsing bouncy house or to hear Aidan tell him with pride how he sunk a teenager with his fastball at the dunking booth. And when we all decided it was too hot and muggy to stay and eat at the park, he wouldn't have been there to somehow grill up dinner in less than 30 minutes. And Aidan and Sean wouldn't have been given the chance to freak out their mom by dancing around lighting fireworks... if he hadn't been here.

4th of July053

So I'll take what time this fire season gives us and say thank you. Not graciously, no. With the same old resentment and reluctance and the exhaustion that comes from not wanting to be a brat on the same day he might leave. But still, ultimately, grateful.

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