Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perspective I

I'm not sure what is the bigger challenge to posting right now---finding time to be at the computer or being able to put my thoughts into any kind of comprehensible order. Probably my inability to write brief snapshots---I'm always going for the panoramic view. I've just written one mega-long post that really should be three separate posts.  So here are the random things on my mind, in part 1 of 3:

Jungle Gym web

Nolan refuses to slow down his pace toward growing up and leaving home. Seriously. He outgrew his bassinet last month, and this month he's outgrown his little bath. He was such a trooper today, as we ran around dropping off prescriptions, picking up forms, grocery shopping and taking the boys to their final swim lesson.

(Liz, he is LOVIN' the jungle gym. Thanks for sending it at the perfect time, and Angie, thanks for sending it to Aidan six years ago!)

We celebrated the end of swimming lessons with some yummy Hawaiian ice today---or at least I celebrated, and I think Nolan is with me on that one. No more getting woken up from his morning nap, no more trying to nurse under the hot sun outside. But Aidan loves swimming lessons and any excuse to be in the water. And despite his tears at the start of every lesson, I think Sean secretly loved swimming lessons too.

Sean with his swim teacher web

I've just finished a large project that had been dominating my To Do list for months. For weeks I've looked at things left undone around our house (like the chaos reigning in my office) and thought of how much I'd accomplish once this big job was done. It's had the opposite effect instead. Now I just want to go bed at a reasonable time and spend as little time on the computer as possible (even though it's after 1 am now and I've been on the computer for too long).

Note to all: if ever you witness a woman, very pregnant with her third child, volunteer do something that requires large amounts of uninterrupted, solitary time, just laugh like she was making a joke and let it go. She'll thank you later.

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