Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Word Up

Aidan (after being sent to see if Sean was sitting in his time-out): "Yeah, he's still sitting there, looking glum."

Aidan (after I asked if he needed help while struggling to put his overflowing basket in the laundry room): "No, I got it. It's just cumbersome."

Aidan (on the last day of school, when asked what was his favorite word): "Flabbergasted."

I'd like to think that having two educated parents who read to him daily has something to do with his vocabulary, but no, it's all thanks to Becky, better known by her other identity:


Sean and I are big fans of her sidekick, Captain Huggy-Face. All of us like to join him in his dance at the end of the show. It's on PBS, and is cute and clever. I can't help enjoying that one of the villains is called "Mr. Big" or that another villain, Granny May, throws mints from her purse when she's trying to get away.

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