Thursday, August 14, 2008

5 Months


After a particularly difficult night, in which Aidan and Sean and Nolan each woke me up at different hours, I admit to telling Brian that I wished we could fast-forward to five years from now.

But even in that tired moment, I said, "Just for one night."

Truth is, I can't believe Nolan is five months old. He has already grown and changed so much and it is all going by too quickly.

At five months, Nolan...

*has discovered toys:-)

 Whosit toy

The whoozit toy was a gift to Sean from Katie, and I remembered washing it while pregnant with Nolan. So when I couldn't find it, I immediately blamed his brothers, whom I saw using it as an alien in one of their games. We searched through toys and under beds ...and then it arrived in a box with other goodies from my little sister. I had completely spaced lending it to her, and Aidan had the biggest grin on his face when he lifted it out of the box:-)

His favorite, though, is Sophie the Giraffe. This is Nolan's facial expression every time he sees her:


Then he gets busy trying to eat her.

Must eat toys

Yes, he's still teething and gumming everything he can get his hands on.

Brian also brought out the "exersaucer" or the farm as we call it.


Aidan and Sean also enjoy the farm, which Nolan considers a bonus. I think he's still a little young for it, but he likes bouncing himself with his legs and the feeling that he is almost-kinda-sorta standing.

Jungle gym  I prefer the jungle gym, where Nolan kicks and squeezes toys as well as chews them. He's been known to let me read a little next to him while he plays:-)

Soccer campNE 
 *is too cute for words. Seriously. Look at those toes. (Kudos to my mom who found a sun hat that actually fits this big guy's head!)

In the above photo, he was at Aidan's soccer camp. Every day for one week, his morning nap either got interrupted or postponed as we headed over to the soccer field and either hung out there or the library for two hours. I'm a big believer that kids are happier when you respect their routines and I've never believed in waking a sleeping baby...but things are definitely different for the third child.

 Thankfully Nolan is very easy-going, and even when he's overtired or out of sorts, all he needs is to be held and he's content.

Hey there

This is one of his favorite places on the planet---hanging out on Daddy's shoulder.

* weighs 19.4 lbs and is 27 inches long.

*laughs hilariously at fake sneezes, under his chin raspberries, and the gentle tickling of his toes. Often just the sound of another person's laugh will send him into his own laughing.

*still doesn't have much hair to speak of and the little he has, in some light, looks blond; in different light it looks red. So did Aidan's at this age, so who knows!

BeautifulBoy5Months Web

*LOVES patty cake and clapping with help.

*Goes to bed at 8 pm easily, but hasn't slept through the night in weeks--and often confuses 4:30 am with the start of the day!

*Sits up by himself gorilla-style (leaning forward and held up by his knuckles) for a few minutes at a time. Beams with pride.

*is a total delight and love-bug.

*loves being cuddled and kissed, and we are happy to oblige.

These are the days I wish to hold forever. But I know Nolan is already eager for all that is ahead, to be mobile and to try his first taste of food (well, his first "official" taste of food...that teeny-tiny, minuscule taste of ice cream he had in July doesn't count, right?).

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