Wednesday, August 6, 2008



This boy has seen ONE episode of Ben 10, but that is all he can think/play/talk about ever since.

Sean may never get his Buzz Lightyear compass back. It is now an official omnitrix.

and Ben10 never fails with his watch!

Aidan typed that last line with some spelling help from me...and it still took much longer than I planned to spend on this entire post.

So we'll cut to the chase.

Aidan is getting older, discovering his own things that I know nothing about, and also developing his own taste in music. He wants me to make him a new CD with more "rock" music and less Broadway tunes (oh the days when he used to love to sing "Happy Talk" with me!).

Some of his favorites are "Zombie Zoo" by Tom Petty, and "Everybody was KungFu Fighting", and the Ben 10 theme (he made me add that as he is reading over my shoulder right now...urrr).

Here's the contest: leave a comment with a song suggestion for Aidan's new CD mix. Looking for songs that are rockin' enough to interest a six-year-old and innocent enough to get past his sheltering mother. And since we'll be listening to it ad nauseum, it can't be too annoying ("George of the Jungle" was fun only the first dozen times).

I'll put whatever suggestions we receive in a hat and then Aidan will pick one name to receive a mix CD of my recent favorites and some cookies made by Aidan. Sound good?

Contest closes on August 12th. Please help us out!

ETA: It makes me irrationally happy to read your comments & suggestions:-)  Maybe because I love music, love the magic of playlists/mixed tapes, and love having you leave a note. Please continue to add them---thanks to the magic of Yahoo Music Jukebox and a rare rainy afternoon, I'm able to let Aidan listen to each song and give his own yay/nay. So far "Eye of the Tiger" is a BIG hit!


  1. Viva la Vida -- Coldplay (The song, not the entire album)

  2. Viva la Vida -- Coldplay (The song, not the entire album)

  3. I don't know why that coldplay suggestion posted twice. But now, thinking about it, if he's six, he needs the classics. I change my vote to Tainted Love, by soft cell.

  4. Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond

  5. The bacon boys would want to suggest a couple of songs. . . there was a tie amongst the voters.
    The Countdown by Europe
    Eye of the Tiger

  6. I love the Sweet Caroline suggestion! I'm off to go listen to my best of the 70's music, because it'll be nothing but a 70's song for my Godson! Though, I gotta say those bacon boys have always had their fingers on the pulse of good music for music lovin' boys! Off to go find Aidan a song! Peace, Angie

  7. Superman - by Five for Fighting - our kids know all of the words.
    Also, Bad Day, as sung by the Chipmunks.
    By the way, Pat likes Ben 10 too and wanted the watch for his birthday, but it was sold out.

  8. Parker has 2 favorites right now ~
    Citizen Soldier (very rockin') by 3 doors down and Pay Me My Money Down performed by Bruce Springsteen!
    (I don't mind either, even the 12th time in a row)

  9. Loving all the suggestions!
    I had written off Coldplay, don't know why. Just overplay perhaps, but thanks, Scott. I'm enjoying Viva myself.
    Just want to remind myself here of another song to consider: "Daydream Believer" by the Monkeys

  10. My entry is I Wish by Stevie Wonder -Angie
    Life is Highway (can't remember who sings it but James discovered it on a CD you made me, so I'm sure you know)-James.
    Season of Love from the RENT soundtrack -Meg
    Traffic Jam by James Taylor is Charlie's favorite (He 's sings it "Man this traffic Jam, I don't like to be late..." and we don't correct him.)

  11. The Power of Love, Huey Lewis and the News. Contest Over.

  12. Kev, I love that you're so cocky:-)
    But the truth is, Aidan is NOT into love songs. Remember, he's six. Girls have cooties.
    A friend mentioned the Beatles yesterday, and he has always liked their stuff. I'm thinking "Life Goes On" right now.
    Please keep the suggestions coming!

  13. Just want to add two more the kids like: Bang on the Drum all Day by Todd Rundgren, and Online, by Brad Paisley, but it may be a little ahead of your boys.

  14. Based on my brother's and my tastes when we were just a little older, Styx: "Come Sail Away"; "Too Much Time on My Hands"; "Renegade"; "Mr. Roboto"

  15. My kiddo loves Jackie Wilson Said by Van Morrison. Have no idea where it started but he always asks for the Da da da dat da song.

  16. Hi Deirdre! My vote is for Mr. Roboto. Jeff and Angie taught my son Quinn the robot dance and this has been one of his favorites ever since.
    I got my kids rocking out to Pink's Get the Party Started (best listened to really loudly on a long car trip). Look for a clean version, my kids bleep the "bad word".

  17. Cake - "Going the Distance"
    One Republic - "Apologize"

  18. I vote for "Who Let the Frogs Out" by Crazy Frog
    Just a lot of fun!


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