Sunday, August 17, 2008


At this time last year, six weeks pregnant, I couldn't stand the sight of a tomato.


Which makes this year's crop all the sweeter.


The boys eat the cherry tomatoes like they were candy.


Peppers have been so expensive in our market lately, I love seeing these. Assuming they get to grow before the pests get them!


I don't buy cucumbers all that often because I'm the only one  who enjoys them. Love this sight:


We've never had real success with the next two so we are so excited to see these:

Big watermelon08web


Isn't that pumpkin beautiful? I'm hoping the boys will pick that watermelon for tonight:-)

Thanks for letting me share a glimpse at our bounty. We are in awe of the way nature provides, and what a few plants will produce with some water and plenty of sun.

Here are a few of our garden helpers:

Garden helper2web


Blanketflower bee web 

School starts on Thursday here, so enjoy the last week of summer!

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